On ‘No Excuses’

It’s all about relationships and they are founded on respect, and taking responsibility for one’s actions, not obedience.

Ideas are like beards...

CaptureA very long post!

Here in Scotland over the last decade or so, we’ve developed a bit of a consensus about our curriculum and the way we run our classes.  Of course, there’s never any such thing as universal agreement on anything – there are still some people who believe the earth is flat – but I’d suggest that we are generally largely on board with our constructivist Curriculum for Excellence, despite its vagueness and its problems with content and knowledge, and largely in agreement that relationships are the most impost important aspect of the ethos of any classroom, despite concerns about the minority of pupils who cause disruption.

So it’s odd watching England tear itself apart in ‘traditionalist vs. progressive’ Twitter invective, and bizarre to see platforms given on the blogosphere, CPD events and even conferences to half-baked ideas on both sides of the invective.  And most bizarre of…

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