So I did a poll about mental health…


“If a member of staff in a school admits to stress/mental health issues they might as well be signing their resignation.”

This is a quote that I put on Twitter the weekend as a poll, asking people to say whether they agree or not.


  • A friend who is a teacher in England and whom I really trust said that to me.
  • I heard of a school leader who recently said that she had concerns over a prospective employee because she knows that she had suffered depression in the past.
  • I think that the virtual community of which I am a part is something of an echo chamber. The amazing, positive, empathic, wonderful people whom I engage with through #teacher5day, “HealthyTeacherToolkit” and other forums do not represent the whole of our profession. And that bothers me.I have written a lot on this matter and about how I think it SHOULD…

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